Our Services

Dr Jill Gray

Dr Jill Gray is the founder of Changing Horizons.  She is a well renowned vocational educator and management consultant with a passion for developing leaders who make a difference in the world.  She has led and managed businesses and programs across Asia Pacific, and has facilitated strategic planning, conducted reviews, and provided executive coaching for many different business and government organisations.

 Jill Gray also works with churches and community organisations and has consulted and served on the Boards of schools, community care organisations and Church Councils.

Consulting services

Often it is helpful to get a new perspective on your organisation – a fresh set of eyes that can research, analyse and make recommendations for you to consider as you take your team forward.  Our consultancy services use proven methods to:

  1. Review current strategy, capability, structures, systems and processes
  2. Research, analyse and suggest improvements
  3. Plan and support the implementation of change.

Coaching and mentoring

Sometimes you need support to make the changes your organisation or in your individual leadership practices.  We can work alongside you to reflect, encourage and offer new insights as you work towards your goals.

Learning and development

Our learning and development programs can help you and your team to lead with vision, manage with purpose and learn with passion!  You can join our learning programs through our workshops or our on-line membership site.

 If you would like to work together as a team, we can also customise our programs to reflect your particular context or company values. 

 Contact us and we will work with you to scope the services that you need, or to create a customised leadership program to help build your team’s capability.